Friday, February 24, 2006


On the exclusion of Saurav Ganguly from Indian team

The attitude which he brought into Team India,the youngsters which he brought to team India,the spirit which he brought into team India,the killer instinct which he brought into team India is now throwing him out from the same team India...this is really SAD

I don't know why but people always hated him...may it be match referees,may it be the umpires,may it be the reporters...BUT they always hated him.just look at the no. of funny decisions taken against him,right from canceling a run because he ran on the pitch to banning him for few matches under the heading "can't control his team" and you will agree with me.
He was never given the due and well deserved credit for what he did for team India but he was heavily criticized when the same team failed to deliver...newspapers always denied him some space on the sports pages & glossy pages but his failure and teams failure always gave him that sort of publicity.

Probably people hated him because of the arrogance he had but we all know how the same arrogance did the trick for us in our tour of Australia...No other Indian captain had shown the courage to shut up steve waugh and australian media in psychological mindgames played there in order to bring the team morale down before starting actual cricket on the ground.

Probably his theory to select people on there merit and to promote youngsters hurt some old fashioned people sitting there.Probably they could not do much at that time but it's there time now and they are taking full advantage of it...

One more reason can also be about the arguments other Indian captain before him had argued with selectors about. his team.It was him who told them that it is his team and you can't chose the team for him.

And currently it's time for their revenge...he always chose right team for him and now selectors are not choosing him.

It really hurts to see him sitting out despite of showing decent performance in VERY limited chance he got and may he will come back again with a bang.

kindly accept our condolences. :P
welcome to blogging. ekhaada fresher jasa dusarya fresher cha swagat karato hall madhe tasa!

now about kaaurav gaanguli (was it accident to call him kaaurav?), tyaala itake divas team madhe Thevala hech khup upakaar jhaale tyaachya var. hya baddal detail madhe natar lihin.
Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging...i am giving a link to your blog from mine..
Yes! it really hurts to see our beloved dada sitting out...

But, not because - he was given many wrong decisions or he was always hated by everyone!!!

Its because of the way he has been treated during the past few months or so...

He has not been given a chance - a chance to prove himself - in the way he should - by playing cricket - let his bat talk - but, he has not been allowed to play at all!!!!

and thats bad...
ganguly ganguly
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